Employer of Choice, Not Circumstance…

Employee satisfaction is a major key indicator for businesses interested in being a quality employer.  Unfortunately, most approach employee satisfaction in a 1-dimensional vacuum where the focus is on a simple survey, conducted without the foresight of strategic planning.

To truly measure whether your employees are engaged in their work and have a sense of overall satisfaction with their place within the organization, HR Balance LLC has developed the Organizational Health Check.  This all-inclusive approach to measuring, analyzing, and strategizing employee engagement and satisfaction provides opportunities for employers and employees to turn an organization into an employer of choice, not circumstance.

Included in the Organizational Health Check:

One-on-one interviews with employees:  The interview process is a 2-step process which involves interviewing each employee to determine where they place the organization in regard to engaging them in their jobs, communication, culture, diversity, and other factors critical for optimal employment.  The second step in the process involves separate, individual interviews with upper management to evaluate their roles as leaders as well as gauge the effectiveness of the top leadership within the organization.

Dissemination of critical engagement and satisfaction factors:   HR Balance LLC provides a detailed report including graphed scores and employee feedback designed to not only provide information for the employer, but also establish a foundation in which to develop strategic initiatives for increasing your scores for an overall “Healthy” report.  Recommendations:  Each category in the report will include general recommendations from HR Balance LLC which can assist your organization in improving the overall   satisfaction of your employee population, increasing opportunities for engagement and enhancing productivity and effectiveness.

Strategic Planning:  While HR Balance LLC does provide general recommendations as a result of the health check scores, we will also assist management in developing strategic initiatives to maximize opportunities for a healthier organization.

Follow-up:  It’s important for organizations to understand employee engagement and satisfaction isn’t a one-time event, but a philosophy which will translate into a cultural expectation.  To do this, it is important for an organization to maintain their focus on healthy initiatives to increase overall views in key areas.  HR Balance LLC will assist with this endeavor by providing follow-up support and continued measurements regarding your organization’s health.