We provide the tools, systems, and guidance customized to meet the unique needs of every client.  HR Balance LLC is dedicated to helping organizations and businesses find and develop their most important asset – their people.  We provide the tools, systems, and guidance customized to meet the unique needs of each client.  HR Balance LLC provides the hands-on guidance to ensure implementation of programs that will take your employees to a higher level of productivity, while also building and maintaining the loyalty and dedication of your staff to make your organization/business an employer of choice.

Compliance:  All employers are required to comply with State and Federal laws.  HR Balance will develop programs and policies to assist your company in its quest for legal compliance*.

Employee Relations:  Resolving issues quickly and developing workplace satisfaction are details a successful company must address.  HR Balance will develop a partnership with your company to explore areas such as conflict resolution, coaching, employee satisfaction, team management, grievance, communication, motivation, plus more.

Performance Management:  The most effective companies utilize performance management to pull optimal performance from employees.  HR Balance will assist your company in developing effective performance survey forms, creating “win-win” performance appraisals, goal development, prevention, quantifying outcomes, coaching as well as a variety of other aspects.

Employee Development:  For companies to thrive, employees must not be allowed to grow stagnant in their jobs.  HR Balance will address such areas in your company as coaching, training, performance goals, succession planning, job analysis, job descriptions, team management, plus more.

Training:  Training is essential for companies to grow and increase competitiveness.  There are several areas where HR Balance can assist you with your training needs.  Areas where HR Balance can step in to provide training opportunities are diversity, sexual harassment, performance management, team management, new-hire orientations, interview process, leadership, mentoring, prevention, and many others.

Recruitment and Selection:  Finding the right person for the right job is one of the keys to a successful company.  HR Balance can provide a start-to-finish solution to your recruiting and placement needs.

Compensation:  Compensation may not be the single reason why an employee stays with a company, but it certainly plays a role.  HR Balance can help your company’s compensation program in such areas as wage and hour issues, exempt/non-exempt status, overtime issues, wage surveys, and more

Employment Terminations:  When the time comes to end the employer-employee relationship, HR Balance is your neutral, third-party solution to a difficult process.

Safety: Whether your company has an existing safety program or needs assistance developing one, HR Balance’s strategic approach will streamline your safety program and address such areas as worker’s compensation, regulatory compliance, and return-to-work.

Human Resources Systems: While your company may not have a human resource department, or even if it does, HR Balance can help you create and maintain effective and efficient HR systems in areas like employee files, policies and procedures, HR audits, HR forms, progressive discipline, and more.

Communication: For a company to succeed, it must have a solid communication system which encompasses both internal and external customers.  HR Balance can help develop your company’s communications to be effective and efficient.

*HR Balance does not provide legal advice.  Businesses seeking such counsel should contact an attorney-at-law.