Coaching is a process which identifies and taps into the potential of an individual’s performance.  Done in a confidential environment, coaching is designed to develop perspective, gain clarity, identify limitations, and increase opportunities.  Through HR Balance’s process, individuals are able to develop insights into their strengths and value, recognizing their purpose in the organization.

HR Balance’s goal through coaching is to provide the tools and pathway to assist individuals in becoming more focused, motivated, efficient, and effective.  To do this, HR Balance has developed a specific process…

  • Assess the situation/individual
  • Develop an action plan
  • Coaching begins
  • Progress reports
  • Change analysis

Assess the situation/individual:  Through interviews with the individual to be coached and their direct supervisor, HR Balance determines where the individual is, where the individual needs to be, and how to get the individual there.

Develop an action plan:  Once the assessment is complete, the action plan is created including what areas of focus on, timetables, resources needed, and measurable outcomes and expectations.

Coaching begins:  In one-on-one sessions, HR Balance works with the individual and their direct supervisor (if warranted) to begin developing focus, motivation, and accomplishments.  These sessions are intensive, as the individual is immersed into the process designed to result in positive, lasting change.

Progress reports:  Supervisor(s) are provided with reports on the insights, achievements, and progress of the individual’s coaching sessions.  While session details are kept confidential, supervisors are kept appraised of the coaching status.

Change analysis:  The individual and supervisor(s) are given strategies in sustaining positive performance in the individual, as well as insights on potential opportunities for further development.