Our Mission… The mission of HR Balance LLC is to take a leadership role and provide business  management consulting utilizing a value added and innovative style, designed to compliment the client’s strategic objectives.

Our Vision… HR Balance LLC will pursue excellence in all consulting partnerships, while influencing positive management-worker relationships.

Our Guiding Principles…

Vision:  We recognize who our stakeholders are and act with care and consideration in meeting the needs of those stakeholders in a timely, thoughtful, and respectful manner.

Integrity:  We believe that truthful and consistent actions promote loyalty and trust.  We must maintain credibility and accountability in all relationships, both as individuals and as professionals.

Balance:  We will consider the needs of the individual, both professionally and personally – understanding balance in those areas will result in a stronger, dedicated, and loyal employee whose contributions to the big picture will exceed the investment made to achieve balance.  We will also recognize the needs of the client, whose continued success depends on a balanced approach involving all facets of the client organization.

Voice:  We will be a positive and productive voice for our stakeholders.  We will advocate for inclusion, cooperation, and perspective.